Our Sunday Worship Celebration:

  • Come early, stay late!
  • Announcements: 9:25am
  • Worship: 9:30am
  • Coffee hour after worship (around 10:30am).  Please join us!  We don’t bite, promise…

First Sunday of Each Month:

  • Communion Celebration
  • Children / Family Worship
    All children participate in the entire worship service with their parents.

Regular Sundays

  • Worship Celebration
  • Children congregate in worship together for the opening song and children’s sermon after which they proceed to Circle of Wonder or Sunday School.

Special Sundays

Special worship celebrations at Trinity include the Christmas Pageant, Christmas Eve, Easter and Pentecost.

Other Worship Experiences

Trinity does have special worship experiences often marking important seasons of the church calendar.  Trinity offers Taize and meditation services during reflective times of the church year including Advent and Lent.  These additional opportunities to worship will be noted on the church calendar.

To learn more about our Meditational Worship click here.

Even the rocks sing praise!

We all learn in different ways.

Some of us are visual learners who think in pictures.

Some learn through listening, while others learn best through hands-on activities. Just as we all learn in different ways, we all experience God in different ways as well. But God is everywhere.

God is in the chords of a melody, the colorful hues of a painting and woven through the storyline of a testimony. That’s why in Trinity worship, we use music, scripture, media, prayer and spoken word to create worship experiences where we encounter God.

In Trinity worship, we desire to be true worshipers as Paul says in Romans, offering all that we are and all that we have to God as a living sacrifice. We love to sing, love to serve, and love to worship.