Over 10 year ago a wonderful group of about 15 senior homemakers gathered at Trinity Reformed Church in Old Tappan to enjoy each others’ company and do something worthwhile.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

What are prayer shawls?

The purpose of a prayer shawl is to give someone a tangible example of God’s love and care. The shawl is made of soft yarn so the recipient can wrap up in it and feel God’s arms around him or her. A prayer shawl is made with prayer. The maker of the shawl prays before, during, and after they work on the shawl. Sometimes we know who we are making the shawl for, and sometimes we don’t, but we pray for the person who receives it just the same.

Who do we minister to?

Those in need of strength while undergoing medical procedures; those in need of comfort after a loss; those in need of peace and patience during an illness and recovery; those in celebration of graduation, a marriage or a birth of a child…There are endless possibilities!

How do I request a shawl?

The best way to request a shawl is to fill out the form.  A member of the Crafty Ladies will be in touch with you as soon as possible once the request is received.

Prayer Shawl Request



How do I take part in this great ministry?

The wonderful thing about our prayer shawl ministry is that anyone can join! If the idea of making an item for someone that carries such meaning appeals to you, please consider becoming a part of our ministry. We meet regularly to share tips, to teach and help the new knitters and crocheters, and to enjoy fellowship. If you are unable to attend meetings, but would still like to take part, you can make your shawls in the comfort of your home and bring them to the group for dedication. Also, if you are experienced in quilting, weaving or another fiber art, we would love to have you join this ministry as well and make shawls using your skills!

What if I’m not crafty but want to take part?

If you don’t feel called to take part in this ministry by actually making the Prayer Shawls, there are many other ways that you can get involved.

Monetary donations are always accepted. The supplies for each shawl (plus shipping if applicable) can cost upwards of $30, so your donations greatly help us purchase yarn and supplies to continue making and delivering shawls.

If you have a yarn stash you would like to share with us, donations are gladly accepted. If you wish to go out and purchase new yarn please purchase 4-5 skeins (or approx. 740-100 yards)  of the same color/dye lot of soft, washable yarn. Some of our favorite kinds of yarn for shawl making are Lionbrand Homespun and Caron Simply Soft, both of which can be purchased locally at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and even Wal-Mart.

And as always, the most important thing you can do to help bless this ministry is keep us in your prayers and pass on this information to anyone you think might want to be involved or have an interest in supporting this ministry. You do not have to be a member of Trinity to be involved!

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