Sundays 3-4pm; October 21, 2012 – May 19, 2013
Confirmands to be officially confirmed on Pentecost Sunday

Why Confirmation?

When we are baptized, we become members of the church of Jesus Christ. As we worship and participate in the life and mission of the church, we are continually nurtured in faith. At an appropriate time in life, often as a young person, we review what we know about our faith and reflect on the meaning of our faith journey. We recall the stories of our journey and compare them with stories of faith found in the Bible and in the lives of the people of God in our family, among our friends, and in the church.

Confirmation is a time for serious study about faith, life, and the mission of the church. It is an opportunity to gain greater self-understanding, deepen existing relationships, and develop new ones. It is a time to consider accepting greater responsibilities for the witness and mission of the church of Jesus Christ.

During confirmation one may participate in a number of activities – retreats; faith conversations with others; studies of church beliefs; organization and mission; worship; prayer; and a variety of other experiences. All of theses experiences prepare one to affirm personal faith and to be commissioned by the church as a responsible, participating member of the church.

For More Information on Confirmation

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